The Scarlett Heart – a Valentine’s Day Cocktail

The Scarlett Heart is a sweet and delicious easy Valentine’s Day Cocktail that is full of amazing flavours, it is a little bit different, and goes down a treat. It’s the perfect easy romantic cocktail to share with your significant other, or with friends for an anti-valentine’s day celebration. 

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A Valentine's Day cocktail on a rocks glass in front, another in background with pink flowers and fairy lights

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 Are you a Valentine’s Day lover, or would you prefer to kick it to the curb this year? Whatever your feelings about this particular holiday, you’ll definitely want to be buying flowers and chocolate for The Scarlett Heart – it’s a Valentine’s Day Cocktail we’ll want to whisper sweet nothings too! The name of this Valentine’s Day Cocktail draws inspiration from the classic book and movie, Gone with the Wind. But, confession time – I’ve never actually seen the movie or read the book, but I have passed the Margaret Mitchell House many times, that counts right?! But as The Scarlett Heart combines some wonderful southern flavours and has a gorgeous red hue, a southern love story about a woman named Scarlett just seemed like the perfect place to draw inspiration from.

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Mornin’ Sunshine Citrus Smoothie

A delicious citrus smoothie with a creamy green smoothie layer, full of vitamins and protein. Start your day off right with this tasty citrus smoothie that is like sunshine in a glass!

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Hold on to your knickers, loves! Giraffes Can Bake has a healthy recipe for you! Whaaaa?! Don’t worry, this is still your best source for indulgent desserts, but whilst buttery cakes and boozy cocktails may be my forte, even I need a healthy dose of vitamins every now in then! In fact, despite all the delicious treats I make and share with you, I actually try and eat quite healthily in my day to day life. I certainly don’t deny myself indulgent, tasty treats like the ones I share here (I mean, somebody has to taste test the recipes!) – I’m big believer in everything in moderation. So I’ll try to eat healthy and nutritious meals for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and then treat myself to a glass of wine and a slice or two of cake in the evenings. Sometimes, the indulgent side of the scale will heavily outweigh the healthy side, but I’m okay with that!

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The 15 Most Popular Recipes on Giraffes Can Bake in 2017

As we near the end of 2017, I wanted to take a look back on the most popular recipes of 2017 here on Giraffes Can Bake. These are the recipes you guys visited the most over the course of the year! 2017 was a great year for me, and the first full year of gluten free recipes on Giraffes Can Bake – so that means all of the popular recipes from 2017 were gluten free! I loved developing, photographing, and sharing every one of these recipes with you – and I’m glad you loved them too!

a collage of the most popular recipes on giraffes can bake

How does 2017 compare to 2016? Check out 2016’s most popular recipes HERE

15. Gluten Free Apple Upside Down Cake

A piece of Gluten Free Apple Upside Down Cake on a white and pink plate, with a whole apple, a forkl, and another piece of cake in the background

A moist, fluffy, and tender spiced cake topped with caramelised apples – a really easy sheet cake that’s a crowd pleaser.

14. Holiday Gin & Tonic

This Holiday Gin and Tonic is full of the festive flavours of cranberry and clementine - one bauble glass in focus, with red gin and tonic and rosemary

Made with sloe gin, cranberry shrub, and clementine juice – this is an easy and delicious mixed drink to serve over the holidays

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Shimmery New Years Eve Cocktail Grape & Champagne Cocktail

This Shimmery Grape & Champagne Cocktail is the perfect New Years Eve Cocktail! It’s delicious, elegant, and really easy to make. This glamorous Shimmery New Years Eve Cocktail is made with just three simple ingredients, and is the perfect way to toast in the new year.

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Shimmery New Years Eve Cocktail- a tall champagne glass with gold shimmery cocktail, lots of sparklers over the top

Can you believe we’re almost another year down? And we still don’t have time travel and teleportation?! I thought this was supposed to be the future! I think a little time travel could have helped us out immensely this year too, it was a bit of a rollercoaster one, so much happened it’s hard to believe it all fit into 365 days! With still a few days left until the clock chimes us into the next one too, who knows what else this year will bring us!

Shimmery New Years Eve Cocktail - two champagne glasses being clinked together in a cheers fashion

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Brandy Grapefruit Mimosa A Christmas Brunch Cocktail

This Brandy Grapefruit Mimosa is the only holiday champagne cocktail you need this festive season! With fresh winter citrus and mint, brandy and delicious bubbles, the Brandy Grapefruit Mimosa is perfect to serve at a holiday brunch, as a before dinner champagne cocktail, or at any party! You’re going to love how easy it is to make, and how delicious it is to drink!

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Brandy Grapefruit Mimosa - one mimosa with two in the background

We are well and truly in the festive season! We’re in the middle of Hanukkah and Christmas is one week away! Christmas trees are up, ugly Christmas jumpers are on, office parties are getting going and my house looks like a post office with all the packages building up (yay for online Christmas shopping). Whether you’re the kind of person who has the tree up before the Halloween decorations are down or you’re a real holiday scrooge, or somewhere in between – I think we can all agree we need a few good cocktails to get us through the season with our sanity intact! This Brandy Grapefruit Mimosa definitely hits the spot!

Brandy Grapefruit Mimosa - three mimosas, above angle shot

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